The port Portrieux at low tide (1874; France) by Eugene Boudin

The port Portrieux at low tide - Eugene Boudin - 1874; France

Artwork Information

TitleThe port Portrieux at low tide
ArtistEugene Boudin
Date1874; France
Art MovementRealism
Current LocationMusée d'Art et d'Histoire, Geneva, Switzerland

About The port Portrieux at low tide

The artwork “The port Portrieux at low tide” is an oil painting created by Eugene Boudin in 1874, exemplifying the Realism art movement. This landscape genre piece provides a glimpse of the atmospheric conditions and daily life in the French port of Portrieux at a time when the tide had receded. The painting resides in the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire in Geneva, Switzerland, where it continues to be a testament to Boudin’s legacy in capturing the essence of maritime locales.

In the artwork, Boudin employs a subdued palette to convey the overcast sky and the damp, reflective sand exposed by the low tide. The horizon line is placed towards the upper third of the canvas, allowing a generous view of the beach and sea where various figures are scattered, some perhaps engaged in gathering seafood or simply strolling along the shore. Notable details include a lighthouse standing guard on the left and sailing vessels of different sizes dotting the waters, with one prominently featuring its sails unfurled. The fluid brushstrokes and the sketch-like quality of the figures give a sense of immediacy and the fleeting nature of the moment. Boudin’s treatment of light and his interest in atmospheric effects are evident, contributing to the viewer’s sense of actually being present at the scene, breathing in the salty air of the Normandy coast.

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