The Promenade (1913) by Maurice Prendergast

The Promenade - Maurice Prendergast - 1913

Artwork Information

TitleThe Promenade
ArtistMaurice Prendergast
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions30 x 34 in. (76.2 x 86.4 cm)
Current LocationWhitney Museum Of American Art, New York

About The Promenade

Maurice Prendergast’s “The Promenade” is a masterpiece that captures the scenic beauty of Cape Ann near Gloucester, Massachusetts. As a Post-Impressionist artist, Prendergast utilized pointillism to create jewel-like colors and impart texture to his artwork. The painting measures 212.73 x 340.36 cm and is located in the Detroit Institute of Arts.

The painting comprises decoratively still figures that are almost sculptural in pose against a backdrop of stunning coastal scenery. Prendergast explored mosaic-like colors in the painting, with soft layering techniques that generate unique vibrancy throughout the piece.

Prendergast was an American artist with an inclination towards delicate landscapes and modern-life subjects that he painted using oils and watercolors. He was among the first American artists to champion Cezanne’s art style in America during his time. Other than being one of Prendergast’s recurrent themes, “The Promenade” also exemplifies his signature style through softly textured layers of paint applied carefully to create contrasting hues between different objects within it.

In summary, Maurice Prendergast’s “The Promenade” showcases his artistic talent as an early champion of Post-Impressionism during America’s transition into this art period while also displaying mastery in layering jewel-like colors to generate texture on his artworks for more visual depth and contrast.

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