The Prophet Jeremiah (1427) by Donatello

The Prophet Jeremiah - Donatello - 1427

Artwork Information

TitleThe Prophet Jeremiah
Dimensions6' 3" Height

About The Prophet Jeremiah

Donatello’s sculpture The Prophet Jeremiah was created in Florence circa 1427. The statue is part of a group of five sculptures created by the artist for the bell tower of the Florence Cathedral, which are now being displayed in the cathedral’s museum. The statue stands at approximately 191 cm tall and is made of marble.

The sculpture depicts Jeremiah, an ancient Israelite prophet, in a state of inner turmoil, portrayed by the expressions on his face. Donatello’s work masterfully captures the mix of frustration and exhaustion that Jeremiah must have felt from his encounters with the divine. The Prophet’s slightly knitted brows and wrinkled forehead, combined with the slightly parted mouth, depicts the difficulty of his message.

Donatello was a renowned artist of the Renaissance era, known for his work in various mediums, including bronze, stone, and clay, among others. He was born in Florence and made many significant contributions to the art scene during his active years. His work, including The Prophet Jeremiah, represents a milestone in the development of Renaissance art, reflecting the influence of humanism, classical aesthetics, and realism.

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