The Quick And The Dead (1980-81) by Sidney Goodman

The Quick And The Dead - Sidney Goodman - 1980-81

Artwork Information

TitleThe Quick And The Dead
ArtistSidney Goodman
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions66 7/8 x 88 5/8 in (169.9 x 225.1 cm)
Current LocationThe Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York

About The Quick And The Dead

Sidney Goodman was a celebrated American figurative painter and draftsman whose work explored the human form. His early paintings were heavily influenced by metaphysical elements, but he later developed a unique style that focused on the composition of everyday life. Goodman studied at the University of The Arts and earned a degree in 1958. He began teaching part-time at the Philadelphia College of Art in 1960 while continuing to experiment with his art.

One of Goodman’s most notable pieces was ‘The Quick And The Dead,’ which he created between 1980-81. This masterpiece features an intense portrait view of a male figure, wearing only white briefs, lying down on his back with his lower body covered in black cloth. The upper body is holding onto two elongated ropes tied vertically and extending beyond the frame into a void creating added depth.

Goodman’s ability to create such an intimate scene using only two contrasting colors showcases his technical brilliance as an artist. Although it may appear unsettling at first glance, closer examination reveals that this piece explores larger concepts such as mortality and vulnerability through its use of contrasting colors and composition.

Overall, ‘The Quick And The Dead’ stands as one of Sidney Goodman’s most thought-provoking works because it asks viewers to engage with deeper themes while also spectacularly exhibiting his technical abilities as a painter.

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