The Reception Of The French Ambassador In Venice (c. 1740) by Canaletto (giovanni Antonio Canal)

Artwork Information

TitleThe Reception Of The French Ambassador In Venice
ArtistCanaletto (giovanni Antonio Canal)
Datec. 1740
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions71 x 102 in (181 x 259.5 cm)
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About The Reception Of The French Ambassador In Venice

The painting entitled ‘The Reception of the French Ambassador in Venice’ by Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canal) depicts the reception of Jacques Vincent Languet, Count of Gergy, who was the French ambassador to Venice during the 18th century. Canaletto was a skilled Italian painter known for his topographical paintings primarily featuring Venice, Rome, and London.

The painting provides an insight into the diplomatic relationships between France and Italy during that period. It shows a grand procession with Count of Gergy and his entourage being received in front of the Ducal Palace in Venice by Venetian nobles and officials from France. This momentous occasion took place on November 4th, 1726; however, this specific painting was executed later.

Canaletto’s ‘The Reception Of The French Ambassador In Venice’ showcases his exceptional artistry skills as he accurately captured every detail precisely. This masterpiece is available for purchase as wall art or other decor options such as phone cases or greeting cards with an on-demand production timeline typically shipped worldwide within 2-3 business days.

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