The Reckless Sleeper (1928) by Rene Magritte

The Reckless Sleeper - Rene Magritte - 1927

Artwork Information

TitleThe Reckless Sleeper
ArtistRene Magritte
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions116 x 81 cm
Art MovementSurrealism
Current LocationTate Modern, London, UK
Location Created Paris, France

About The Reckless Sleeper

“The Reckless Sleeper” is an artwork by Rene Magritte, crafted in 1927. Utilizing oil on canvas as his medium, Magritte situates this work within the Surrealist movement. Measuring 116 by 81 cm, the painting is emblematic of Surrealism’s symbolic genre. The artwork’s creation took place in Paris, France, and it is presently housed at the Tate Modern in London, United Kingdom.

The artwork presents a scene filled with juxtaposition and enigma, characteristic of Magritte’s oeuvre and surrealism in general. Atop the central focus—a floating, bed-like form—a man lies enveloped in a dark blanket, seemingly in a deep sleep. Surrounding him within the bounds of the bed’s silhouette are various objects, including a bird, a handheld mirror, a lit candle, a butterfly, and an apple, among other items that appear to be contained in small compartments or openings. This could symbolize the dream state, where disparate objects and ideas coexist, defying the rational laws of time and space. The background beyond the main figure is a twilight sky, which enhances the dreamlike and contemplative mood of the painting. Magritte’s subtle and meticulous use of color, as well as his precise rendering of form, draws viewers into a profound meditation on reality, perception, and the unconscious.

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