The Red Egg (1940-41) by Oskar Kokoschka

The Red Egg - Oskar Kokoschka - 1940 - 1941

Artwork Information

TitleThe Red Egg
ArtistOskar Kokoschka
Date1940 - 1941
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions63 x 76 cm
Art MovementExpressionism

About The Red Egg

“The Red Egg” is an oil on canvas by Oskar Kokoschka, created during the period of 1940 to 1941. It is a prime example of the Expressionist movement. The artwork measures 63 x 76 cm and is an allegorical painting. Its vivid portrayals and the use of dynamic brushstrokes are characteristic features of Kokoschka’s emotionally charged style.

The artwork itself presents a chaotic and vibrant scene, filled with figures and objects that seem to be interwoven with turbulent emotions. At the center, a large red egg on a table immediately draws the eye, serving as a focal point amid the tumult. Surrounding the egg are various forms and figures that appear to be caught in a moment of dramatic tension. The background is streaked with bold, expressive colors, suggesting an environment in upheaval.

On the left side of the artwork, a figure with a cross on its head gazes out, while to the right a face with a prominent look occupies a significant portion of the canvas. In the foreground, a creature resembling a tiger or a house cat is depicted with striking realism. Details like signage reading “MUNICH” and other vaguely discernible objects contribute to the allegory, suggesting locations and perhaps commenting on social or political conditions of the time.

Overall, the artwork is a visual maelstrom of color, form, and symbolism, showcasing Kokoschka’s ability to convey deep emotional resonance and critique through his art.

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