The Red Sea (1984-85) by Anselm Kiefer

The Red Sea - Anselm Kiefer - 1984-85

Artwork Information

TitleThe Red Sea
ArtistAnselm Kiefer
MediumMounted On Canvas, With Woodcut And Lead
Dimensions109 3/4 x 167 3/8 in. (278.8 x 425.1 cm)
Current LocationMuseum Of Modern Art, New York

About The Red Sea

Anselm Kiefer’s The Red Sea is a monumental canvas that measures 9’1 3/4″ x 13’11 3/8″ and was created in 1984-85. Combining oil, lead, woodcut, photograph, and shellac on canvas, the artwork is known for its confrontational style and deep themes related to German history and myth. Through his works, Kiefer offers insights into Germany and its culture by exploring various subjects from literature to art history.

Kiefer’s artworks are often symbolic through minimalism and abstract expressionism. Considered as part of the neo-expressionist movement, his works reflect critical aspects of German culture by referencing themes such as history, philosophy, architecture, music topography among others.

The Red Sea is regarded as one of Kiefer’s most significant works due to its size and historical significance. The painting deals with themes related to the Holocaust and German history. Currently not on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City or any other museum currently showing this work; it remains striking evidence of Kiefer’s approach to subject matter through the use of bold abstraction technique combined with poignant thematic insight.

In conclusion, Anselm Kiefer’s artwork The Red Sea stands out for its complexity as it combines various techniques such as oil painting with photography collage-making etc., reflecting tremendous artistic skill in contemporary art practices today. Furthermore provides a perspective into understanding Germany & developing an appreciation for dealing histories through imagery without sensationalism or caricatured portrayals over realities gone by but having an impact that still palpates today – with so many lessons yet unlearned from humanity’s past actions towards itself — which we need to be mindful at all times even while marveling at artistic creativity & execution observed here!

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