The Reflection (1935) by Henri Matisse

The Reflection - Henri Matisse - 1935

Artwork Information

TitleThe Reflection
ArtistHenri Matisse
Art MovementFauvism

About The Reflection

“The Reflection” is a notable artwork created by Henri Matisse in 1935. As a distinguished artist, Matisse was associated with the Fauvism art movement, and this particular piece falls within the genre of portraiture. The artwork conveys Matisse’s unique style and color sensibility that were fundamental to the Fauvist aesthetic.

The artwork depicts the figure of a woman seated in front of a mirror, with her reflection providing a secondary depiction within the same frame. The use of color in the artwork is subdued compared to the typical intensity associated with Fauvism, suggesting a possible evolution in Matisse’s palette during the period of its creation. The composition emphasizes the contrast between the subject and her reflected image through the positioning of the figures and the play of light and shadow.

Tonally, the artwork resonates with a sense of introspection and duality, with the woman’s gaze directed outward, indirectly engaging with the viewer through her reflection. The brushwork demonstrates Matisse’s characteristic boldness and confidence, employing a subdued range of earthy hues and muted greens that accentuate the form and moodiness of the portrait. Notably, the painting reflects Matisse’s continued exploration of the human form and his interest in capturing the psychological depth of his subjects.

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