The request by Jakob Becker

The request - Jakob Becker -

Artwork Information

TitleThe request
ArtistJakob Becker
Art MovementRomanticism
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About The request

Jakob Becker was a well-known German artist born in Dittelsheim at Worms in 1810. He kicked off his painting career by studying under Franz Nikolaus Jung in Worms. His art covered mainly peasant genre paintings that are widely recognized even today. One of his initial works that gained significance was a panorama over the Rhine from Mainz to Cologne.

Becker’s work has been appreciated and valued globally, and some of his pieces have been auctioned multiple times, with prices ranging from 916 USD to as high as 135,960 USD. His paintings showcase great attention to detail and realism that help transport the viewer into the scene he painted.

His artworks’ themes were centered around German peasant life, which allowed him to create breathtakingly realistic depictions of various real-life scenarios. Becker’s oil paintings illustrate the daily lives of peasants with insight into their characteristics, social status, customs, and traditions. The details in each piece capture rustic living styles along with regional farming scenes during different seasons. Overall Jakob Becker has left an outstanding mark on art history, helping generations see beyond just depicting glamorous figures or landscapes and instead focusing on portraying everyday individuals living their lives in challenging rural conditions realistically.

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