The Rest on the Flight into Egypt (c. 1520) by Correggio

The Rest on the Flight into Egypt - Correggio - c. 1520

Artwork Information

TitleThe Rest on the Flight into Egypt
Datec. 1520
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions48 5/8 x 41 15/16 in. (123.5 x 106.5 cm)
Current LocationUffizi, Florence

About The Rest on the Flight into Egypt

The Rest on the Flight into Egypt, a painting by Correggio dated around 1520 and now housed in the Uffizi Gallery of Florence, is considered one of his exceptional works. The subject matter is based on a popular biblical story about Mary, Joseph and Jesus fleeing to Egypt to escape King Herod’s wrath. This particular depiction of the topic omits Saint Joseph but includes Saint Francis with an angel in a harmonious composition.

The scene was inspired by an episode in the apocryphal gospel of pseudo-Matthew. The use of landscape as an essential compositional element adds character and depth to the painting. The piece was once attributed to Federico Barocci but has since been unanimously assigned to Correggio.

Correggio’s interpretation is known for its serene atmosphere characterized by warm colors and sweet facial expressions that evoke a sense of calmness. The painting features detailed floral elements combined with delicate shading techniques, lending it an altogether soft appearance that captures some of Correggio’s finest work.

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