The Rest on the Flight to Egypt (c. 1510) by Gerard David

The Rest on the Flight to Egypt - David, Gerard - c

Artwork Information

TitleThe Rest on the Flight to Egypt
ArtistGerard David
MediumOil on Panel
Dimensions42 x 42 cm
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
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About The Rest on the Flight to Egypt

The Rest on the Flight to Egypt is a painting by Flemish artist Gerard David, created in approximately 1510. The oil-on-oak panel artwork measures 32.7 cm × 55.3 cm and depicts the biblical story of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus fleeing to Egypt.

The painting is meant to be read from left to right, with Joseph leading the donkey carrying Mary and Jesus across a rocky landscape towards a distant city. They are joined by an angel who points out the way ahead while holding her hand up in warning toward the approaching group of soldiers on horseback.

David’s use of vibrant colors and intricate details make this piece stand out among similar works of religious art from its time. The foliage around them is incredibly detailed, giving viewers a sense of realism as if they were standing with Joseph, Mary, and Jesus themselves.

Overall, The Rest on the Flight to Egypt showcases David’s talent for incorporating realistic landscapes into his paintings while still emphasizing elements of Christian mythology. It remains an important example of Flemish Renaissance art today because it combines religious iconography with attention-grabbing visuals that draw viewers deeper into its message.

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