The Resurrection (1515) by Grunewald

The Resurrection - Grunewald - c.1512 - c.1516

Artwork Information

TitleThe Resurrection
Datec.1512 - c.1516
MediumOil on Panel
Dimensions269 x 307 cm (105 7/8 x 120 7/8 in.)
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationMusee d'Unterlinden, Colmar
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About The Resurrection

In 1515, German painter Mathis Gothart-Nithart (known as Grunewald) completed the Isenheim Altarpiece, one of Europe’s most magnificent works of art. The altarpiece consists of several painted panels depicting the life and suffering of Jesus Christ. Of particular note is his painting titled Resurrection of Christ.

Grunewald is known for his use of stark and iridescent color to render psychological and physical torments in a dissonant psychedelic manner. Resurrection is no exception; it shows Christ’s shroud bursting into white-hot flames as he ascends, with the anguished faces of those present illuminated by this divine force. The painting features bright colors typical in crucifixion scenes but also has a focused boldness that sets it apart.

The Resurrection panel represents a recognized icon in Christian art history. It reveals an artwork that encompasses technical ability while grappling with metaphysical concepts – death and rebirth – making it enduringly captivating.

Grunewald’s artistic techniques showcase extensive knowledge gathered from years studying European Paintings. His work quickly becomes intriguing since he challenges established norms by exploring contrasts between lightness and darkness in both technique and substance; thus complicating traditions like chiaroscuro already prevalent at that time.

In summary, Grunewald’s “Resurrection” panel emerges as an outstanding piece among his diverse work within Isenheim Altarpiece due to its portrayal via stark highlight on lightening that enhances his focus on signalling transformation hard determined as death’s interlude into vital rising again—the urgency evident from bodily tones depicted through vigourous brushstrokes imbued with vibrant hues such as reds or yellows intently portraying liberation towards sheer exaltation manifesting after overcoming death fundamentally incorporates a central Christian theme embracing hope for salvation popular within religious practice worldwide.

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