The Resurrection (1542 – 1544) by Titian

The Resurrection - Titian - 1542 - 1544

Artwork Information

TitleThe Resurrection
Date1542 - 1544
Dimensions163 x 104 cm
Art MovementMannerism (Late Renaissance)

About The Resurrection

The artwork titled “The Resurrection” is an oil painting on canvas by the esteemed artist Titian, dated between 1542 and 1544. This piece is an exemplar of the Mannerism art movement which evolved during the Late Renaissance period. The dimensions of the painting are 163 by 104 centimeters. It is categorized as a religious painting, a genre Titian is particularly renowned for.

In the artwork, the central figure of Jesus Christ is depicted rising from the grave, signifying the moment of resurrection. Christ is presented standing atop a stone sarcophagus, His gaze directed heavenward and His right hand raised in a gesture of blessing or divine authority. He is clothed in a modest white garment, and a large, billowing flag with a cross, a symbol of the resurrection, is held in His left hand. Below Him, guards dressed in vibrant, classical armor are seen in various states of awakening and disarray, with one soldier looking up towards Christ, while others are sprawled on the ground, overwhelmed by the miraculous event. The expression of surprise and awe is evident on the face of the soldier gazing upwards.

The composition captures a powerful contrast between the ethereal, tranquil figure of Christ and the chaotic, earthly soldiers disturbed by His resurrection. The sky behind Christ breaks into light, suggesting a divine presence, while the lower part of the painting is shrouded in the shadows of early dawn, enhancing the dramatic effect of the scene. Titian’s mastery is evident in the use of color, fluidity of form, and the emotional intensity of the figures, all characteristic elements of the Mannerist style that sought to go beyond the balanced and harmonious compositions of the High Renaissance.

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