The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak (1863) by Albert Bierstadt

The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak - Albert Bierstadt - 1863

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TitleThe Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak
ArtistAlbert Bierstadt
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions186.7 x 306.7 cm
Art MovementLuminism
Current LocationPrivate Collection, Fogg Museum (Harvard Art Museums), Cambridge, MA, US
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About The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak

The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak is a painting by German-American painter Albert Bierstadt created in 1863. It captures Lander’s Peak in the Wind River Range of the Rocky Mountains, featuring a camp of Native Americans in the foreground. The artwork gained widespread acclaim and was received well by both the public and critics. It was exhibited as a single piece and drew a crowd of nearly one thousand people.

The painting sold for $25,000 in 1865, which was a substantial sum at the time. Bierstadt was renowned for his paintings of the American West’s mountainous landscapes, and this piece was his most famous work. He painted the piece after being impressed by America’s western landscape during a trip there. The artwork uses elements of art such as value and atmospheric perspective to create a sense of depth and grandeur.

The dominant colors that Bierstadt used in the painting were cool for the sky and primary colors for the grass and animals. The painting captures the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Bierstadt is best known for his large landscapes of the American West, including The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak, which captured the imagination of the American people and created a lasting impression of the West in their minds.

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