The Rooks Have Arrived (c.1880) by Aleksey Savrasov

The Rooks Have Arrived - Aleksey Savrasov - c.1880

Artwork Information

TitleThe Rooks Have Arrived
ArtistAleksey Savrasov
Art MovementRealism
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About The Rooks Have Arrived

Aleksey Savrasov’s painting “The Rooks Have Arrived,” created in 1871, is a celebrated work of art that captures the essence of early spring in central Russia. This artwork is housed in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

“The Rooks Have Arrived” is not just a depiction of a landscape; it is a narrative of resilience and the cyclical nature of life. The painting emerged from a period of personal hardship for Savrasov, who faced housing issues and the death of his child during its creation. These events seemed to strip away the superficial layers from the artist’s vision, allowing him to portray the raw and genuine beauty of the Russian countryside.

In the painting, Savrasov chose to represent the arrival of spring not through blooming flowers or sunny skies but through the return of the rooks, which are seen building their nests among the birch trees. A small willow, on the verge of blooming, symbolizes the revival of life after the long winter. The old bell tower and the dilapidated church add to the scene’s authenticity, reflecting the wear of time yet standing resilient against the elements.

Savrasov’s skillful rendering of the overcast sky, with the promise of sunlight piercing through, adds a dynamic element to the otherwise tranquil landscape. His ability to capture the mood of the season and the spirit of the place has made “The Rooks Have Arrived” an iconic piece of Russian cultural heritage, resonating with the public and critics alike. It is a testament to the enduring significance of paintings as a medium to convey complex emotions and societal values.

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