The Rout Of San Romano (c. 1456) by Paolo Uccello

The Rout Of San Romano - Paolo Uccello - c. 1456

Artwork Information

TitleThe Rout Of San Romano
ArtistPaolo Uccello
Datec. 1456
Current LocationNational Gallery, London
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About The Rout Of San Romano

Paolo Uccello’s ‘Rout of San Romano’ is a set of three paintings that depict a battle scene between Florentine and Sienese forces in 1432. The painting emphasizes a decorative and non-illusionistic system that demonstrates Uccello’s mastery over perspective, as well as his appreciation for military honor. This artwork showcases the artist’s virtuosity in constructing foreshortened bodies, which gives the painting its dynamic composition.

The support used for this artwork was made from eight planks modified in the 15th century with an extremely thick priming consisting of two layers of anhydrite in glue and a thin layer of gypsum in egg tempera on top. The technique used by Uccello resulted in bold colors and sharp edges, which added to the illusion of depth permeating each panel.

Today, these renowned paintings are divided among three prominent museums worldwide: The Galleria Uffizi, Florence; The National Gallery, London; and The Musée du Louvre, Paris. These masterful panels represent one of the most important early Renaissance compositions by Paolo Uccello; they never cease to captivate viewers through their incredibly stylized aesthetic choices combined beautifully with compelling action scenes.

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