The sculpture (1925) by Pablo Picasso

The sculpture - Pablo Picasso - 1925

Artwork Information

TitleThe sculpture
ArtistPablo Picasso
Art MovementCubism,Surrealism

About The sculpture

The artwork titled “The Sculpture” was created by the renowned artist Pablo Picasso in 1925. This piece is a representation of the Cubism and Surrealism art movements, and it is categorized as a genre painting. Picasso, a central figure in the development of Cubism and an influential proponent of Surrealism, presents a work that embodies the essence of these artistic styles during a transformative time in modern art.

The artwork features two figures, which are composed of bold colors and delineated shapes, characteristic of the Cubist style. The form on the left appears to be a sculpture, evident from its stiff posture and the visible stand supporting it. This figure has a pronounced facial structure with clearly outlined eyes, nose, and mouth, highlighting the artist’s focus on geometry and the deconstruction of form. The form on the right, presumably depicting a living figure, interacts with the sculpture, creating a narrative within the scene. The living figure showcases a softer contour relative to the sculpture, and its face is delineated with softer features and less angularity than the sculpture, suggesting a contrast between the animate and the inanimate.

The background of the artwork contains elements such as a railing, hinting at an interior space with an overlooking balcony or terrace. The use of geometric shapes and the flat application of colors without gradation gives the composition a distinctly two-dimensional, abstract feel, in line with the principles of Cubism. The overall effect of the artwork is one of an orchestrated dissonance, where traditional perspective is abandoned for a fragmented, yet harmonious assembly of forms and spaces.

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