The Second Tea Painting (1961) by David Hockney

The Second Tea Painting - 1961 - by David Hockney

Artwork Information

TitleThe Second Tea Painting
ArtistDavid Hockney
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions61 x 36 in (155 x 91 cm)
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About The Second Tea Painting

David Hockney’s Second Tea Painting is an oil on canvas artwork that was created in 1961 while the artist was still a student at the Royal College of Art. The painting measures 91 x 32 inches and is currently held at Tate Britain in London. The piece is part of a larger set of works created by Hockney based on the Typhoo Tea packets.

Known for his colorful and fanciful pieces, Hockney’s early work addressed homoeroticism, which became an important theme in his later work. In addition to painting, he’s also known for his photography where he challenged the camera’s monocular vision by depicting the world from all perspectives.

The Second Tea Painting is titled “Tea Painting in an Illusionistic Style”. It showcases a bold use of color and form as well as attention to detail, particularly evident in the depiction of slight wrinkles on the package. The painting reflects Hockney’s skill as a young artist and provides insight into his creative process during this pivotal period of artistic development.

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