The shadow (1953) by Pablo Picasso

The shadow - Pablo Picasso - 1953

Artwork Information

TitleThe shadow
ArtistPablo Picasso
Dimensions130 x 97 cm
Art MovementSurrealism

About The shadow

The artwork titled “The Shadow” was created by the renowned artist Pablo Picasso in 1953. Utilizing a combination of charcoal and oil on canvas, Picasso channelled the essence of Surrealism into this genre painting. The dimensions of the artwork are substantial, measuring approximately 130 by 97 centimeters.

Looking at the artwork, one can observe a composition that employs contrast and abstraction, characteristic of Picasso’s style. The central figure in the painting is rendered as a silhouette, a stark black shadow dominating the canvas, which alludes to the title “The Shadow”. This shadow appears to have human form, standing with outstretched arms. It serves as a stark contrast to the fragmented and more colourful background.

Around the shadow, there are various abstract shapes and forms that hold surreal elements. There is a palpable tension between the realism of the shadow and the fantastical imagery surrounding it. Picasso’s surrealist influence is evident in the disjointed perspective and the dream-like atmosphere that permeates the painting. The use of charcoal has likely contributed to the depth and intensity of the shadow, while the oil paint brings vibrancy to the rest of the scene. The sense of depth and surreal space invites viewers to interpret the scene in multifaceted ways, a hallmark of Picasso’s genius and the Surrealist movement.

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