The Ship of Fools (c. 1490-1500) by Hieronymous Bosch

The Ship of Fools - Hieronymous Bosch - 1490 - 1500

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Artwork Information

TitleThe Ship of Fools
ArtistHieronymous Bosch
Date1490 - 1500
MediumOil on Panel
Dimensions32 x 58 cm
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationLouvre, Paris, France
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About The Ship of Fools

The Ship of Fools is a fragment of a triptych painted by Hieronymous Bosch, now housed in the Mus̩e du Louvre in Paris. Created around 1490-1500, it depicts a group of fools drifting aimlessly on a small boat representing humanity voyaging through the seas of time. This painting is about 58 centimeters by 33 centimeters and depicts about twelve people Рsome naked in water or wearing pilgrim-like clothing.

Bosch’s brilliance lies in his original and morally complex works, with The Ship of Fools being no exception. The painting shows fools adrift in the sea of life, lacking morals and direction, despite having the church on board. The church is powerless to help them navigate their journey effectively – part of medieval tradition to send crazy people away from cities. It is important to note that this artwork was cut into several parts during its lifetime yet remains an influential piece for art lovers worldwide.

In summary, The Ship of Fools serves as a warning against moral decay within society, showing how humanity can be lost without moral guidance or direction. This painting provides insight into Bosch’s beliefs at the time and acts as an inspiration for many artists who carry on his legacy today.

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