The Shulamite (c.1865) by Albert Joseph Moore

The Shulamite - Albert Joseph Moore - c.1865; United Kingdom

Artwork Information

TitleThe Shulamite
ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Datec.1865; United Kingdom
Dimensions214 x 97 cm
Art MovementAcademicism
Current LocationWalker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK

About The Shulamite

“The Shulamite” is an oil on canvas painting by artist Albert Joseph Moore, created around 1865 in the United Kingdom. The artwork, which embodies the principles of Academicism, measures 214 by 97 centimeters and is categorized as a religious painting. It is currently housed at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, UK. The painting depicts a scene of classical serenity and refined elegance, typical of Moore’s style.

The artwork presents a congregation of figures draped in flowing classical robes, set against a backdrop of an ornate, marble-like interior. Central to the composition is a seated woman wearing an orange robe, distinct in color from the otherwise muted palette of creams and whites. Her posture and expression appear contemplative and poised, drawing the viewer’s focus. Surrounding her are several other figures, both male and female, engaged in what seems to be a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere. The women are arranged in various poses, suggestive of leisure and repose, while the men on the right side of the painting stand in calm discourse.

The setting is characterized by architectural elements reminiscent of ancient Greek or Roman design, complete with columns, friezes, and a geometrically patterned floor. The deliberate arrangement of the figures in the space, their statuesque quality, and the harmonious color scheme all reflect the ideals of the Academic art movement to which Moore belonged—an emphasis on beauty, technical skill, and historical subject matter.

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