The Smokers (c.1636) by Adriaen Brouwer

The Smokers - Adriaen Brouwer - c.1636

Artwork Information

TitleThe Smokers
ArtistAdriaen Brouwer
Dimensions46.4 x 36.8 cm
Art MovementBaroque
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About The Smokers

“The Smokers” is an artwork created by Adriaen Brouwer around 1636. This genre painting is crafted with oil on wood, measuring 46.4 by 36.8 cm, and it is a fine example of the Baroque art movement. Brouwer’s skillful use of the medium and adherence to the characteristics of the Baroque period are evident in the artwork’s dynamic composition and vivid portrayal of its subjects.

In the artwork, a group of men are gathered in what appears to be a rustic tavern, indulging in the act of smoking. The central figure directly engages with the viewer, his eyes wide and mouth agape as he holds a clay pipe, from which smoke billows. The expression on his face can best be described as one of spirited amusement or surprise, which contributes to the lively atmosphere of the scene.

Surrounding this central character are three other individuals, each absorbed in various states of smoking and conversation. To the left, a man tilts his head downward, another pipe in hand, set against the backdrop of a darkened interior. On the right, two more figures emerge, one of whom is lighting a pipe for the other, signifying a moment of camaraderie. The narrative suggested by their interactions implies a convivial gathering, replete with the shared enjoyment of tobacco.

The painting is masterfully rendered with loose brushwork and a rich, warm palette, imparting a sense of immediacy and realism. Details such as the textures of the men’s clothing, the earthenware jugs, the wooden furniture, and a broom leaning against a barrel give credible insights into the scene’s setting. Further depth is added by a small window on the back wall, providing a glimpse of the world beyond this intimate gathering, with a hint of greenery and a figure outside which also contributes to the narrative depth of the scene.

Overall, Brouwer’s “The Smokers” serves not only as an exemplary work of the Baroque era but also as a captivating snapshot of 17th-century social interactions centered around the culture of smoking.

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