The Smokers or The Peasants of Moerdijk (1630) by Adriaen Brouwer

The Smokers or The Peasants of Moerdijk - Adriaen Brouwer - 1630

Artwork Information

TitleThe Smokers or The Peasants of Moerdijk
ArtistAdriaen Brouwer
Art MovementBaroque
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About The Smokers or The Peasants of Moerdijk

“The Smokers or The Peasants of Moerdijk” is an artwork completed in 1630 by the artist Adriaen Brouwer. The medium of the artwork is oil on wood, and it falls within the Baroque period, known for its dramatic use of light and rich, deep coloration. This piece is a genre painting, which depicts scenes from everyday life and is currently owned by a private collector.

The artwork illustrates a moment of leisure, capturing a group of rustic figures engaged in smoking. Light falls across the composition, highlighting the hand of one figure bringing a pipe to his lips, while another blows smoke upwards. Each character appears engrossed in the act of smoking, demonstrating a range of facial expressions and postures that suggest a casual atmosphere. Meanwhile, details such as the jug, bowl, and the simple wooden furniture ground the scene in the everyday lives of the period’s peasantry. The artwork exudes a sense of temporal immediacy, as if the viewer has stumbled upon an unguarded moment of camaraderie and relaxation.

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