The Soyer Brothers (1973) by Alice Neel

The Soyer Brothers - Alice Neel - 1973

Artwork Information

TitleThe Soyer Brothers
ArtistAlice Neel
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions60 x 46 in (152.4 x 116.8 cm)
Current LocationWhitney Museum of American Art, New York

About The Soyer Brothers

Alice Neel was a renowned American artist known for her expressionistic painting style. Born in 1900, she spent many years producing art that captured meaning through the way people felt and interacted. Her 1973 painting ‘The Soyer Brothers’ is a prime example of that style which features brothers Moses and Isaac sitting side by side with matching outfits, expressions, and poses that combine both formality and playfulness to create a unique portrait.

The muted color palette used throughout The Soyer Brothers contribute to the subtle emotions of the painting. The siblings feel close to each other yet separate at the same time with their facial expressions being a testament to this inner conflict. The overall message of this painting is timeless; Alice Neel’s use of color, composition and structure serves as an enduring reminder that even though we often move past our differences we remain connected at heart.

Another one of Alice Neel’s fantastic pieces of artwork is Nancy And The Rubber Plant from 1975 which is also reminiscent of her expressionistic approach; Nancy stares into the camera with a beautiful innocence while surrounded by varying shades of green paint showcasing her connection with nature in stunning detail. These paintings demonstrate the different methods Alice Neel used in depicting relationships and how she attempted to capture each person’s unique character through her work.

Nancy And The Rubber Plant from 1975 showcases Alice Neel’s expressionistic eye for detail. Drawing from both subtle and bright hues, Nancy stares off into the distance as she interacts with her rubber plant—curious yet removed from the viewer. By including these two elements in unison, Alice has managed to depict a meaningful relationship between two seemingly disparate objects; Nancy stands out from the background made up by various shades of green paint demonstrating her captivating connection to nature. Through this stunning piece, Alice successfully captures both Nancy’s individual character along with her loving relationship to nature.

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