The spoliation (1577-1579) by El Greco

The spoliation - El Greco - 1577-1579

Artwork Information

TitleThe spoliation
ArtistEl Greco
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions285 x 173 cm

About The spoliation

The Spoliation is a painting by El Greco created between 1577 and 1579. El Greco was given the commission for the painting through the son of the dean of the Cathedral of Toledo who he befriended. The painting depicts Christ at the foot of the cross in preparation for his crucifixion. The scene features muted figures, which contrasts strongly with the red robe worn by Christ, making it particularly striking.

This masterpiece of El Greco is his “sublime work” and hangs at the High Altar of the Sacristy of the Cathedral in Toledo. It shows the moment of the crucifixion of Christ, where he is being undressed, and his clothing is being taken from him by the Roman soldiers. The moment is poignant in the painting, and the expression on the faces of the figures depicted is a mixture of despair, grief, and resignation.

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