The St. George killing the dragon art (1511) by Albrecht Altdorfer

The St. George killing the dragon art - Albrecht Altdorfer - 1511

Artwork Information

TitleThe St. George killing the dragon art
ArtistAlbrecht Altdorfer
Dimensions19.6 x 15.1 cm
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance

About The St. George killing the dragon art

The artwork titled “St. George Killing the Dragon” was crafted by the artist Albrecht Altdorfer in the year 1511. It stands as a significant work from the Northern Renaissance period. This religious painting measures 19.6 by 15.1 centimeters and encapsulates the influential artistic tendencies of its time.

Depicted within this work is the legendary scene of Saint George, astride his horse, as he valiantly confronts a formidable dragon. The saint is portrayed at the very moment he plunges his lance into the beast, which is collapsed beneath the horse. In exquisite detail, one can observe the intensity and aggressiveness of the dragon, its mouth wide open, possibly emitting a roar or fire as it engages in its final battle. Saint George, the epitome of Christian chivalry and virtue, is adorned in elaborate armor, and his horse dramatically rears upwards in response to the gravity of their combat.

In the background, set apart from the central scene of conflict, is a landscape featuring castles upon craggy cliffs, perhaps symbolizing distant lands or the celestial city, while birds fly high above in the sky. The surrounding terrain is rendered with intricacy; even the smallest plants and rocks are meticulously depicted, all contributing to the chaotic yet divinely orchestrated encounter between good, as represented by Saint George, and evil, embodied by the dragon. The artwork, with its dense composition and assortment of textures, is a testament to Altdorfer’s mastery of the woodcut technique and his ability to capture the essence of the narrative in a limited spatial dimension.

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