The Statue Of Jeanne De Boulogne In Bourges (1524) by Hans Holbein

The Statue Of Jeanne De Boulogne In Bourges - Hans Holbein - 1524

Artwork Information

TitleThe Statue Of Jeanne De Boulogne In Bourges
ArtistHans Holbein
Dimensions39.6 x 27.5 cm
Current LocationOffentliche Kunstsammlung, Basle

About The Statue Of Jeanne De Boulogne In Bourges

German painter and printmaker Hans Holbein the Younger drew sculptures of Jean, Duke of Berry, and his wife Jeanne de Boulogne in 1524. These sculptures were located in the chapel of the duke’s palace in Bourges and are currently displayed at Bourges Cathedral. As per historical accounts, Jeanne was the Duchess of Berry and a sovereign Countess of Auvergne and Boulogne.

Holbein’s drawings served as guides during a restoration process for these sculptures. The restoration work has been significant due to their artistic value, making them national treasures. Holbein essentially captured their intricate details through sketches that continue to inspire restorers even after a gap of almost five hundred years.

Hans Holbein is known for his contributions to book design but is also known for his portraits that depict his subjects’ personalities with incredible accuracy. He paints highly detailed portraits with vivid colors, often utilizing cool shades to create shadows or bright colors as highlights to add depth to his paintings. His meticulous attention to detail provides insight into the person he represents while portraying them with dignity and elegance.

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