The Stroller (Suzanne Hoschede) (1887) by Claude Monet

The Stroller (Suzanne Hoschede) - Claude Monet - 1887

Artwork Information

TitleThe Stroller (Suzanne Hoschede)
ArtistClaude Monet
Art MovementImpressionism

About The Stroller (Suzanne Hoschede)

The artwork entitled “The Stroller (Suzanne Hoschede)” was crafted by Claude Monet in 1887. It embodies the essence of the Impressionist art movement, of which Monet was a masterful pioneer. As a portrait, it captures a moment of casual elegance and the interplay of light and color, trademarks of Impressionist technique.

In the artwork, the subject, assumed to be Suzanne Hoschede, is depicted in full figure standing in a verdant outdoor setting. The woman is adorned in a long, flowing white dress with intricate patterns of light and shadow hinting at the folds of the fabric. She dons a dark jacket and a stylish hat that casts a soft shadow over her features, which are rendered with swift, gestural brushstrokes. The background is lush with vegetation, featuring delicate blooming flowers and slender trees that rise towards the top of the canvas. Monet’s use of dappled light and vibrant color creates a sense of depth and texture, allowing the viewer to feel the presence of the gentle breeze and the warmth of a summer’s day. The signature of Claude Monet is visibly inscribed at the lower left of the portrait, anchoring the artwork in the artist’s celebrated canon.

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