The Sudarium of St Veronica (1510) by Albrecht Durer

The Sudarium of St Veronica - Albrecht Durer - 1510

Artwork Information

TitleThe Sudarium of St Veronica
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationBritish Museum, London, UK

About The Sudarium of St Veronica

“The Sudarium of St Veronica” is a woodcut by Albrecht Dürer created in 1510 and is a piece of the Northern Renaissance art movement. It belongs to “The Small Passion” series and depicts a religious theme. The artwork is housed in the British Museum in London, United Kingdom.

In the artwork, three figures stand holding a cloth, upon which the face of Jesus Christ is miraculously imprinted. The central figure, St. Veronica, holds the sudarium reverently with both hands, her gaze directed towards the divine imprint. She is flanked by two men, likely saints or apostles, who are also haloed, signifying their holy status. The figures are positioned within an architectural structure, possibly a representation of a church or temple, which frames the scene. The details of the hair, facial expressions, and drapery showcase Dürer’s fine linework and proficiency in the woodcut medium. The AD monogram at the bottom of the piece marks the signature of Albrecht Dürer.

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