The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow (2021) by Julia Hacker

The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow - Julia Hacker - 2021

Artwork Information

TitleThe Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow
ArtistJulia Hacker
MediumAcrylic on Canvas
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About The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow

The artwork titled “The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow” was created by the artist Julia Hacker in the year 2021. It is an acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 48×36 inches. The genre of this piece is best described as landscape, but it employs a style that aligns with the abstract art movement. The use of abstract elements within the confines of a landscape suggests a contemporary exploration of traditional themes.

Upon observing the artwork, one immediately notices the dominance of dark, tree-like forms that stretch vertically across the canvas. These forms, which seem to be abstract representations of trees, are set against a lighter backdrop imbued with subtle color variations. The lower section of the artwork transitions into horizontal bands of color that could be interpreted as a stylized interpretation of a horizon or a landscape’s base layer.

The trees are depicted with an emphasis on their intricate network of branches, which sprawl out in a chaotic and somewhat delicate manner. The negative space around the branches further accentuates their complex silhouettes against the lighter background. The brushwork appears both deliberate and spontaneous, creating a dynamic tension within the composition. This suggests a natural landscape infused with emotion, possibly evoking senses of solitude or contemplation.

The abstract nature of the artwork invites viewers to project their interpretations and emotional responses onto the scene. While the nominal landscape elements suggest a grounding in the real world, the abstraction allows the mind to wander and extrapolate meanings beyond the mere visual components. Overall, the painting by Julia Hacker presents a rich tapestry of form and color, challenging the viewer to see the natural world through an abstract, transformative lens.

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