The Swimming Hole (1884-85) by Thomas Eakins

The Swimming Hole - EAKINS, Thomas - 1884-85 - 2

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Artwork Information

TitleThe Swimming Hole
ArtistThomas Eakins
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions92.71 x 69.85 cm
Art MovementRealism
Current LocationAmon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, TX, US
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About The Swimming Hole

The Swimming Hole is a renowned painting by Thomas Eakins, created between 1884-85. The masterpiece depicts nude men lounging near the banks of a creek near Philadelphia. It is deemed as Eakins’ most striking portrayal of the human body and its natural form.

Eakins, an artist, was well-known for his advocacy of pinpoint investigation of human form and nature in his artwork, which he believed expressed beauty to an intellectual level while still committing to the classical tradition. Through his oeuvre, one can witness Eakin’s commitment to artistic perfection when it comes to portraiture and realism.

To create this painting, Eakins employed a series of photographs taken by him featuring boys playing at outdoor sports in their naked form; he then used these photos as models for his paintings leading up to “The Swimming Hole.” The resulting artwork embodies both vivid realism and classicism motifs that accentuate Eakin’s beliefs.

Lastly, today “The Swimming Hole” graces the collection of Amon Carter Museum of American Art where its display attracts art enthusiasts from all over the world who are seeking inspiration on how art can express nature brilliantly while also emphasizing scientific study.

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