The Temptation of St Anthony (c. 1500) by Hieronymous Bosch

The Temptation of St Anthony - Hieronymous Bosch - c.1500

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Artwork Information

TitleThe Temptation of St Anthony
ArtistHieronymous Bosch
MediumOil on wood
Dimensions131.5 x 53 cm
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationNational Museum of Ancient Art (MNAA), Lisbon, Portugal
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About The Temptation of St Anthony

The Temptation of St. Anthony is a triptych oil painting that was created in 1506 by the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. The artwork depicts the trials and spiritual journey of St. Anthony, who is shown in meditation in a sunny landscape near the trunk of a dry tree.

The left panel of the triptych depicts the flight and fall of St. Anthony into his own imagination, while the central panel shows him being tempted by various demons and fantastical creatures. The right panel shows his eventual triumph over these temptations with the help of angels and other holy figures.

Bosch’s surrealistic style is evident throughout all three panels, with bizarre creatures and nightmarish landscapes adding to the dreamlike quality of the work. The painting is part of a series of up to 15 works dedicated to St. Anthony created by Bosch.

Currently housed at the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon, Portugal, The Temptation Of St Anthony remains one of Bosch’s most enduring creations, showcasing not just his skills as an artist but also his deep understanding and commentary on religious themes that continue to resonate with audiences centuries after its creation.

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