The Three Ages of Man (1513-14) by Titian

The Three Ages of Man - Titian - 1513-14 - 2

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Artwork Information

TitleThe Three Ages of Man
Date1511 - 1512
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions90 x 150.7 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationPrivate Collection, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
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About The Three Ages of Man

The Three Ages Of Man is one of the most iconic Renaissance paintings to date and was created by Titian between 1512 and 1514. The painting stands at an impressive three centimeters high and 151 centimeters wide, making it immediately recognizable for its large size. The work shows a beautiful landscape that includes a crag, two classical trees, an olive plantation and a rolling countryside toward the Apennine Mountains. By placing all of these figures in the same landscape, Titian reflects the same attitude by creating unity as well as an element of balance.

The Three Ages Of Man displays the artist’s conception of the life cycle, with a successful man in his prime being surrounded firstly by an impatient young boy who is reaching out to grab his hat, then the frail old man leaning on his stick symbolizing death approaching. In a further tribute to the painter’s own age and to himself as he was 33 when he painted this work -it was said to be one of his most important works – Tiziano chose boys that allude to three stages of life: adulthood, middle age and old age.

The Three Ages Of Man vividly captures some quintessential features and characteristics of Renaissance art – from blending religious themes with classical references in order to create beauty out of contemporary elements, to harmony between different elements found within painting. The painting has become one of the most celebrated works among Renaissance art historians who have gone even further than asking whether Titian painted it at 33 years old – they have attempted to explain what inspired him then when capturing such beautiful imagery with paint.

Another impressive masterpiece by Titian is “The Flaying Of Marsyas” which was painted between 1575–76 and is located currently in Vienna’s Kunsthistoriches Museum. This painting tells one story from Greek mythology in which King Midas’ son Marsyas had challenged Apollo – god of music -to a musical competition which resulted into Apollo punishing him for his arrogance by chaining him up and flaying him alive for his loss; however Mid

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