The Tribe of Levi (1960-1963) by Marc Chagall

The Tribe of Levi - Marc Chagall - 1960-1963

Artwork Information

TitleThe Tribe of Levi
ArtistMarc Chagall
Dimensions338 x 251 cm
Current LocationSynagogue at the Medical Centre of the Hadassah-Hebrew University, Jerusalem
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About The Tribe of Levi

The Tribe of Levi is a lithograph on Arches paper that was created by the French/Russian artist Marc Chagall in 1964. This masterpiece belongs to the Twelve Maquettes of Stained Glass Windows for Jerusalem, a limited edition set that was auctioned off in March 2016. Chagall’s Jewish identity and heritage are evident throughout his works of art, and this work attempts to reconcile old Jewish traditions with modernist art styles.

Chagall drew heavily on Christian themes as well as folk culture from his home in Vitebsk, Belarus. His art is known for its lush colors, harmonious compositions, folklore, and fantasy. The Tribe of Levi depicts one of the twelve tribes of Israel according to Hebrew scripture. The tribe produced prominent leaders and kings like King David.

This lithograph is fully documented and referenced in various texts and catalogue raisonnés about Chagall’s life and career as an artist. He worked across different mediums like paintings, books, tapestry, ceramics & stained glass windows. The work showcases his unique style that integrates traditional Jewish iconography into modernist forms to create a stunningly beautiful piece that both celebrates Jewish tradition while also embracing new artistic styles.

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