The vase of peonies (1884; France) by Paul Gauguin

The vase of peonies - Paul Gauguin - 1884; France

Artwork Information

TitleThe vase of peonies
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Date1884; France
Art MovementImpressionism

About The vase of peonies

“The Vase of Peonies” is a notable artwork by the French artist Paul Gauguin, created in 1884. This piece was executed in the medium of oil on canvas and is associated with the Impressionist movement. Characteristic of the still life genre, the artwork captures an arrangement of lush and vibrant flowers that are the focal point of the composition.

The artwork depicts a robust bouquet of peonies in various stages of bloom, set within a dotted green vase. The peonies, rendered with bold and tactile brushstrokes, display a spectrum of red and pink hues, while hints of green leaves intermingle, providing a lively contrast to the warm flower tones. The background features what appears to be a wall adorned with two paintings, lending context and suggesting a domestic interior. The textural quality of the paint application, along with the spontaneous style, imbues the artwork with a sense of immediacy and dynamism, reflective of the Impressionist concern with capturing the fleeting effects of light and color. The overall composition, while seemingly casual, achieves a harmonious balance between the boisterous floral display and the surrounding elements.

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