The Virgin and Child with the family of Burgomaster Meyer (1528) by Hans Holbein

The Virgin and Child with the family of Burgomaster Meyer - Hans Holbein - c.1526 - c.1528

Artwork Information

TitleThe Virgin and Child with the family of Burgomaster Meyer
ArtistHans Holbein
Datec.1526 - c.1528
MediumOil on Wood
Dimensions101.6 x 146 cm
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationPrivate Collection
Location Created Germany

About The Virgin and Child with the family of Burgomaster Meyer

The artwork titled “The Virgin and Child with the family of Burgomaster Meyer” is a significant piece created by the renowned artist Hans Holbein during the period of circa 1526 to circa 1528. This oil on wood painting is emblematic of the Northern Renaissance art movement and measures approximately 101.6 by 146 centimeters. Classified within the genre of religious painting, this artwork is part of a private collection and was created in Germany. It is known for its portrayal of religious iconography with a blend of portraiture that was characteristic of the Northern Renaissance.

The artwork depicts a celestial scene with the Virgin Mary at its center, holding the Christ Child. Mary is presented with a serene and gentle demeanor, embodying the quintessential qualities of divine motherhood. She is crowned and donned in a robe of deep green with a rich golden cloak that signifies her royal status as the Queen of Heaven. The Child Jesus is portrayed with a cherubic innocence, indicative of his purity and divinity. Surrounding these central figures are members of Burgomaster Meyer’s family, who are rendered with individual care, showcasing Holbein’s capacity to infuse portraiture with a sense of life and identity.

The composition is carefully structured to establish a connection between the divine and the mortal, marking the artwork as an exemplar of religious paintings of the period. Each figure is depicted with a high level of realism, a hallmark of Holbein’s style, and the use of color and detail in the garments, including the intricate patterns on the rug, exemplifies the lavishness and precision that were prized during the Northern Renaissance. The artwork’s serene atmosphere is punctuated by the gaze and posture of the individuals, which invite contemplation and reverence towards the sacred subject matter.

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