The Voyage Of Life: Childhood (1842) by Thomas Cole

The Voyage Of Life: Childhood - Thomas Cole - 1842

Artwork Information

TitleThe Voyage Of Life: Childhood
ArtistThomas Cole
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions52 7/8 x 77 7/8 in (133 x 198 cm)

About The Voyage Of Life: Childhood

Thomas Cole’s The Voyage of Life is a series of four paintings that represents the journey of human life. Childhood is the first painting in the series, completed by Cole in 1842. The painting portrays an idealistic world where a boat travels down a river amidst stunning landscapes that change to reflect each season and stage of life.

The painting features a guardian angel who accompanies the voyager on their journey through life, guiding them through various challenges when they need it most. This representation serves as an allegory for the four stages of man: childhood, youth, manhood, and old age. Childhood marks the beginning of this journey, as represented by the ever-flowing river, symbolizing time passing by.

Cole masterfully depicts an idyllic world typical snapshot representing childhood with vibrant colors portraying hope and innocence without any indication whatsoever on how challenging being young can be. The painting’s significant focus is on the boat travelling downriver, emphasising one’s lack of control over life events while relying heavily on external factors such as family or education(like having someone navigating your boat).

In conclusion, Thomas Cole’s Childhood creates a sentimental narrative to highlight how childhood is fleeting past quite fast and sets up future installments that further explore themes such as mortality or loss later in life for people who get to reach those stages.

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