The Voyage Of Life: Youth (1842) by Thomas Cole

The Voyage Of Life: Youth - Thomas Cole - 1842

Artwork Information

TitleThe Voyage Of Life: Youth
ArtistThomas Cole
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions52 7/8 x 76 1/4 in (134 x 194 cm)

About The Voyage Of Life: Youth

Thomas Cole’s artwork The Voyage of Life consists of four paintings representing the stages of human life. One of these paintings, titled Youth, depicts an archetypal hero confidently striving for glory and fame. The painting showcases the use of landscapes to convey moral and religious values.

The series was a challenging piece for Cole wherein he used a stream and a voyager as metaphors for the course of human life. This allegory presents the four stages of man: childhood, youth, manhood, and old age, with each painting accompanied by a guardian angel. Landscape also plays a significant role in telling the story.

Through his use of vivid detail and symbolism within the Youth painting, Cole illustrates how young people have courage that knows no bounds as they pursue their goals in life eagerly. Moreover, this painting successfully conveys how youthful energy is often dedicated towards seeking recognition through public acclaim or physical achievements. In comparison with other works in this series, it is quite evident that Thomas Cole masterfully created meaningful imagery through his artwork which continues to captivate viewers even after centuries have passed since its creation.

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