The White Mountains – From North Conway (1851) by John Frederick Kensett

The White Mountains - From North Conway - John Frederick Kensett - 1851

Artwork Information

TitleThe White Mountains - From North Conway
ArtistJohn Frederick Kensett
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions40 x 60 in (101.6 x 152.4 cm)
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About The White Mountains - From North Conway

John Frederick Kensett, a prominent American landscape painter, is known for his tranquil and serene depictions of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. His 1851 painting “From North Conway” showcases the majesty of this scenic area through muted colors and soft lines evocative of peace and contemplation. Kensett revisited this location several times during his career and is considered to have expressed his best sense of composition in his paintings of the White Mountains.

Kensett’s style evolved over time from traditional Hudson River School mannerisms to luminist techniques that emphasized atmospheric light effects. His art was instrumental in popularizing the White Mountain region as a subject for American painters during the mid-19th century. William Hart, Thomas Cole, and Leavitt’s map are other notable artists who also captured scenes from this picturesque locale throughout history.

Today, visitors can retrace Kensett’s footsteps by exploring North Conway’s unspoiled beauty on foot, bike or boat. The area boasts numerous outdoor activities such as kayaking on glacial-fed rivers or admiring views while hiking mountain trails. The Mount Washington Cog Railway provides spectacular views while traversing up the steep incline to the summit, which overlooks miles upon miles of stunning wilderness below. There is no shortage of opportunities to experience what Kensett found so enchanting about this destination over 150 years ago; grab your camera, lace-up your boots and take some time to stand before nature at its most beautiful moment as John Frederick Kensett did himself many times before us all.

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