The Wire-drawing Mill (c. 1489) by Albrecht Durer

The Wire-drawing Mill - Albrecht Durer - c. 1489

Artwork Information

TitleThe Wire-drawing Mill
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Datec. 1489
MediumWatercolor And Gouache On Paper
Dimensions29 x 43 cm

About The Wire-drawing Mill

Albrecht Dürer’s The Wire Drawing Mill is a watercolor painting depicting the modest buildings of a wire-drawing mill situated on the outskirts of Nuremberg. Created in 1489 or 1494, it showcases Durer’s mastery in both composition and perspective control. Despite being famous for his woodcut prints, Durer’s financial success came mainly from painting religious portraits and commissioned pieces.

Dürer was born on May 21, 1471, and rose to prominence as a painter and printmaker in the early 16th century. The Wire Drawing Mill is among his earliest watercolors that show his talent for realism. The depiction of the unappealing structure injects an honest portrayal of everyday life into art and reveals Durer’s ability to portray ordinary subjects with great detail.

The painting’s apparent simplicity belies its masterful execution that captures minute details using refined color combinations. It significantly contributes to Albrecht Dürer’s portfolio as one of Europe’s most versatile artists in history. In conclusion, The Wire Drawing Mill serves as an excellent representation of Albrecht Dürer’s works, demonstrating his incredible talent in combining realistic subject matter with unparalleled skill in technique and perspective control.

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