The Woman with Gambling Mania (c. 1822) by Theodore Gericault

The Woman with Gambling Mania - Theodore Gericault - 1819 - 1822

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Artwork Information

TitleThe Woman with Gambling Mania
ArtistTheodore Gericault
Date1819 - 1822
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions65 x 77 cm
Art MovementRealism
Current LocationLouvre, Paris, France

About The Woman with Gambling Mania

The artwork titled “The Woman with Gambling Mania” is a masterful painting by Theodore Gericault, executed between the years 1819 and 1822. This oil on canvas belongs to the Realism art movement and measures 65 x 77 cm. It is a portrait currently housed in the prestigious Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

The artwork captivates with its psychological depth and intensity. It depicts an elderly woman with a keen and unsettling gaze that seems to betray a certain internal fervor or distress, possibly linked to the title’s reference to a gambling mania. Her attire is simple and dark, providing a stark contrast to the pale tone of her skin and the white garment wrapped around her head. The brushwork is meticulous, capturing the textures of the fabrics and the complex tones of the woman’s flesh. The richness in character portrayal is evident through the fine rendering of the woman’s expressive eyes and the subtle play of light and shadow, which emphasizes the contours of her careworn face. The background is subdued, directing the observer’s attention to the woman’s compelling and enigmatic expression—a testament to Gericault’s talent for conveying emotional and psychological narratives through portraiture.

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