The Yellow Christ (Le Christ jaune) (1889) by Paul Gauguin

The Yellow Christ (Le Christ jaune) - Gauguin, Paul - 1889 - 3

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Artwork Information

TitleThe Yellow Christ (Le Christ jaune)
ArtistPaul Gauguin
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions92 x 73 cm
Art MovementCloisonnism
Current LocationAlbright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY, US
Location Created Pont-aven, France
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About The Yellow Christ (Le Christ jaune)

The Yellow Christ (Le Christ Jaune) is a painting by Paul Gauguin that was created in 1889 during his Breton period. This artwork is considered one of the main themes of Symbolism in painting. The painting depicts a crucified Christ in a vivid yellow color against a dark brown cross set against an autumnal landscape.

Gauguin’s design for the central figure was inspired by a 17th-century crucifix he saw at TrĂ©malo Chapel, and this piece reflects his fascination with Breton history, folklore, and rituals. Furthermore, the artwork is housed at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery located in Buffalo, New York.

The Yellow Christ encapsulates the artist’s desire to infuse religious subject matter with symbolism through vivid imagery and bold colors that transcend conventional modes of representation. The strong use of colors emphasizes Gauguin’s intent on evoking emotions as well as drawing attention to significant elements such as nature and spirituality.

Overall, The Yellow Christ remains one of Gauguin’s most acclaimed works due to its groundbreaking approach towards representing religious subject matter through vibrant symbolism and innovative techniques like applying oil paint directly onto unprepared canvas.

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