They Carried her Off (1799) by Francisco Goya

They Carried her Off - Francisco Goya - 1799

Artwork Information

TitleThey Carried her Off
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions21.5 x 15.5 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About They Carried her Off

The artwork titled “They Carried her Off” is a work by the renowned Spanish artist Francisco Goya, created in the year 1799. The medium of this etching is paper, and it belongs to the Romanticism movement. The piece is a caricature with dimensions measuring approximately 21.5 x 15.5 cm. It forms part of Goya’s famous series “Los caprichos” and is currently held in a private collection.

The artwork depicts a dramatic scene filled with movement and emotional intensity. In the foreground, a figure is represented in the act of forcibly carrying away a limp, seemingly lifeless person over their shoulder. The stark contrast between light and shadow in the etching enhances the visual impact of the composition, with the background shrouded in darkness, focusing attention on the struggle and helplessness implied in the central action.

Goya has expertly captured the tension and despair of the moment through his use of strong, expressive lines and dark tonality. The piece exemplifies the thematic concerns of the Romanticism movement, which often dealt with individual experience, the sublime, and the darker aspects of human nature. As with many of Goya’s works within “Los caprichos,” this etching is likely a commentary on social or political issues of his time, employing allegory and grotesque elements to convey his message.

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