Third Knot (1507) by Albrecht Durer

Third Knot - Albrecht Durer - 1507

Artwork Information

TitleThird Knot
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance

About Third Knot

The “Third Knot” is an artwork by Albrecht Dürer, a renowned artist of the Northern Renaissance. Created in 1507, it falls within the category of the design genre. This work exemplifies the intricate and precise style characteristic of Dürer’s designs, as well as the Northern Renaissance’s attention to detail.

The artwork itself features a circular, dense arrangement of interlacing ribbons that form a complex knot pattern. The ribbons weave over and under each other with meticulous uniformity, creating a visually mesmerizing maze-like structure. In the center of the circle is a small, white ring enclosing Dürer’s signature monogram, which stands out against the dark, patterned background. The overall design is enclosed within a dark disk, framed by decorative floral elements that occupy the corners of the square border surrounding the circular design. These ornate floral elements balance the rigorous geometry of the knot and add an organic contrast to the composition. The strong black-and-white contrast highlights the artist’s skill in creating texture and depth even within a monochromatic palette.

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