this is Henri Gervex painting (1890) by Henri Rousseau

this is Henri Gervex painting - Henri Rousseau - 1890

Artwork Information

Titlethis is Henri Gervex painting
ArtistHenri Rousseau
Dimensions1.45 x 2.17 cm
Art MovementPost-Impressionism

About this is Henri Gervex painting

The artwork in question is a painting by Henri Gervex, created in the year 1890. It is identified with the Post-Impressionist movement, which was known for its rejection of the limitations of Impressionism and for its use of vivid colors, thick application of paint, real-life subject matter, and geometric forms. The painting is a portrait and the dimensions of the artwork are relatively small, measuring 1.45 x 2.17 centimeters.

The painting features a group of men gathered around a table covered with papers, books, and what appears to be a drawing or engraving. One man is seated and appears to be the primary subject, engaged in conversation or a transaction with others standing or seated nearby. Their attire suggests a setting of formality or intellectual pursuit, consistent with the late 19th century period. The composition and the use of light focus the viewer’s attention on the interactions between the figures, providing a sense of narrative and character to the scene. Elements such as the bust and the newspaper provide additional context to the setting and contribute to its portrayal of bourgeois life. Overall, the artwork captures a moment of social interaction with rich details and a considered arrangement of subjects within the space.

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