Three Dancers (c.1904 – c.1906) by Edgar Degas

Three Dancers - Edgar Degas - c.1904 - c.1906

Artwork Information

TitleThree Dancers
ArtistEdgar Degas
Datec.1904 - c.1906
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Three Dancers

The artwork titled “Three Dancers” is a creation of the artist Edgar Degas, estimated to have been made between circa 1904 and 1906. This piece is executed in pastel, a medium Degas was particularly renowned for. Reflecting the artist’s connection with the Impressionism movement, the artwork is categorized under the genre painting classification. Currently, “Three Dancers” is housed in a private collection, indicating that it is not on public display and is instead owned by a private entity.

The artwork showcases Edgar Degas’ fascination with dance, a recurring theme throughout his oeuvre. It features three dancers in mid-movement, their figures blending with the vibrant and gestural strokes characteristic of Degas’ later pastel works. The composition hints at the spontaneity and movement of dance, with the figures appearing in dynamic postures. Their costumes, rendered in bright hues of orange, blue, and white, are accented with flowers that add a flourish of color to their hair.

The background of the artwork is constructed with loose, abstract strokes that suggest the ambiguity of space, focusing the viewer’s attention on the subjects themselves rather than on a detailed setting. This technique aligns with the Impressionist goal of capturing the fleeting effects of light and color, rather than striving for detailed realism. Degas’ utilization of pastels allows for a luminescence and intensity of color that contribute to the overall impression of vibrancy and ephemeral beauty in the depiction of these dancers.

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