Three girls sitting en face (1879) by Edgar Degas

Three girls sitting en face - Edgar Degas - 1879

Artwork Information

TitleThree girls sitting en face
ArtistEdgar Degas
Dimensions16 x 22 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationRijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Three girls sitting en face

The artwork titled “Three girls sitting en face” is a creation by Edgar Degas from the year 1879. This piece, executed in pastel, demonstrates the techniques characteristic of the Impressionist movement. The dimensions of the artwork measure 16 x 22 cm, and it can be classified as a sketch and study. The work can be viewed in its current residence at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

In the artwork by Degas, we observe three young females portrayed with a keen attention to composition and light, which are hallmarks of the Impressionist style. The figures are sketched with swift, visible strokes, cementing the artwork’s status as both a study of form and an exploration of the possibilities of pastels as a medium. The expressiveness and deftness of Degas’ handling of pastels are evident in the nuanced depiction of the subjects’ facial features and attire. The color palette is muted, focusing on earthy and warm tones which is characteristic of the softer, more diffused lighting seen in Impressionist works. The inclusion of the artist’s signature lends authenticity and cements the artwork’s provenance. Despite its small size, the pastel embodies a sense of immediacy and intimacy that invites contemplation of the subjects’ emotional states and the social context of the scene rendered.

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