Three Heads (c.1871) by Edgar Degas

Three Heads - Edgar Degas - c.1871

Artwork Information

TitleThree Heads
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Three Heads

The artwork “Three Heads” by Edgar Degas, dating from circa 1871, is executed in oil on canvas and is affiliated with the Impressionist movement. This portrait genre piece is part of a private collection. Impressionism is known for its emphasis on capturing light and movement, and its portrayal of scenes from modern life. Edgar Degas, though often associated with the movement, tended to focus more on figures than landscapes, imbuing his portraiture with dynamic composition and psychological nuance.

The artwork presents a trio of male faces occupying the canvas in close proximity. The composition is characterized by the prominence of the figures set against a loosely rendered and ethereal background, typifying Degas’ ability to blend figure and atmosphere. The strokes are visible and vigorous, adding to the impression of spontaneity and immediacy—the hallmarks of the Impressionist style. Attention to detail varies between the faces, with some features defined by sharp lines while others dissolve into the surrounding color, creating a sense of depth and movement. The color palette tends toward muted tones with occasional bursts of warmer hues, juxtaposing the subjects against the cooler, more diffused backdrop. The artwork encapsulates Degas’ exploration of human expression and his engagement with Impressionist techniques.

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