Time (1965) by Abdul Mati Klarwein

Time - Abdul Mati Klarwein - 1965

Artwork Information

ArtistAbdul Mati Klarwein
Art MovementFantastic Realism

About Time

The artwork “Time” created by artist Abdul Mati Klarwein in 1965, is a consummate illustration of Fantastic Realism within the symbolic painting genre, and it belongs to the Visionary Psychedelia series. This artistic expression, crafted during a period marked by intense cultural and artistic exploration, encapsulates the intricate relationships between various symbolic elements and the theme of temporality, all constructed with meticulous attention to detail and vibrant coloration within the context of an imaginative framework.

The artwork is a kaleidoscope of symbolic components intricately woven into a cohesive whole. Dominated by a circular motif which could represent the cyclical nature of time, the painting features a central figure with multiple arms in various gestural states, suggesting a deity or a creature with omnipotent control. This entity is garbed in a vividly red outfit with polychromatic accents, providing a stark contrast to the more subdued earth tones in the background. The background itself displays a yin-yang-like division, adorned with blue and red streams which may symbolize the flow of time or the elemental forces of water and fire.

Above the central figure, two female faces anchor a band of figures that emerge from their hair, resembling a maternal lineage or the passage of generations over time. The women’s expressions are serene and their gazes are directed outward, as if overseeing the continuum they are a part of. The figures encapsulated within their tresses depict various stages of life, ranging from infancy to adulthood, encapsulating the human experience within the temporal cycle.

Surrounding this central tableau, a menagerie of smaller figures and motifs populate the space, each potentially holding its own symbolic weight and contributing to the narrative of time’s progression. The perimeter of the scene is bordered by an array of hourglass shapes, reinforcing the theme of time’s passage and the inexorable flow from one state to another.

Overall, the artwork is a visual tapestry, densely packed with allegorical references and archetypal imagery designed to provoke contemplation and elicit a multiplicity of interpretations regarding the nature of time, existence, and the cosmos.

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